Captain Kenny Von Lasko's Photo Album

CONGRATULATIONS! You've stumbled upon an incredible treasure trove of early 2000's web personal website circa 2001-2007.

I started this website in 2001, back when digital cameras were just starting to come available. I didn't have one at the time, but I was taking photos like a fiend with my trusty film camera, and I was able to get a CD-ROM of each roll of film I had developed. At that particular point in my life, I was doing much partying and fun-having with lots of people. This webpage was a way to show everyone my pictures, along with funny little captions. It became a minor hit in my little town, and everyone wanted to be on it. If I were smarter, I could have been the original Facebook, but I'm clearly not that clever.

I used MS FrontPage to create the pages and put it on my hoster's personal web space. It wasn't long before I exhausted the paltry 5MB of storage space, so I got sneaky and created a number of GeoCities pages (each with their own 5MB limit) to host my pictures that I linked from the main page through iFrames, hiding the ads and giving me essentially unlimited storage space. I was sticking it to the man...and may be partly responsible for the eventual fall of GeoCities. Whoops.

I recently came across a backup of the site on my harddrive, and thought it would be cool if I could resurrect it. An hour or two of fiddling, and it came alive, just as it looked in 2007.

Anyways, you probably won't enjoy this trip down memory lane as much as me, but here it is anyways. If you're overly sensitive, you might take offense to some of the captions and content, but for anybody who knows me, its pretty tame.

On to the show!!!