Version History

13.0January 25, 2017Complete website redesign and added rulesets for Skype for Business Online
12.4August 5, 2014Command line options added for unattended/automated installation. See this post for more information.
12.3June 25, 2014Reduced number of trunk translation rules for most countries by up to 75%, depending on country.
12.2May 1, 2014New NANPA dialing area country abbreviations and Caribbean blocking options. See this post for more information.
12.1March 11, 2014Added more extension options. Fixed issue with block caller ID feature. Added Czech Republic, South Korea, Botswana dialing rules.
12.0February 2, 2014Added rule history and caller ID block features. Added Bahrain, Chile, China, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine dialing rules. See this post for more information.
11.0November 12, 2013Moved backend to SQL. Added more extension options. Added TONS more German area codes. See this post for more information.
10.1October 23, 2013Added Windows Live ID authentication requirement. See this post for more information.
10.0August 21, 2013More control over rule name options. See this post for more information.
9.11June 20, 2013Added Lebanon dial rules. Thanks to @TariqaMS and David and Elie from ALCSLB for the assistance.
9.10Apr 30, 2013Added location-based routing and India dial rules. See this post for more information.
9.01Apr 5, 2013Added dialing rules for Finland.
9.0Jan 9, 2013Optimizer generated PS1 script will now setup least-cost/failover routing when multiple Lync sites exist. See this post.
8.2Dec 5, 2012Added localized UK dialing rules. See this post. Thanks to Ian Galpin for the assistance
8.12Oct 11, 2012Added Saudi Arabia and UAE dial rules. Thanks to @TariqaMS for the assistance
8.11Sept 26, 2012Added Kuwait and Egypt dial rules. Thanks to @TariqaMS for the assistance
8.1May 31, 2012New optimizations for North American rules. See this post for details
8.0March 16, 2012Underlying code improvements to address future scalability issues. Separated out toll-free and premium number rules to make customizing user access easier. Added dialing rules for Brazil, Portugal and Sri Lanka.
7.6February 29, 2012Added capability to create user-level dial plans for users in other countries
7.5February 16, 2012Created separate mobile dialing rules for non-NA countries. Added dialing rules for Turkey and Austria
7.4February 10, 2012Added option to customize rule names with non-North American countries
7.3January 12, 2012Improved handling of multiple mediation pools/PSTN gateways in large deployments
7.2November 25, 2011Added additional formatting options for extensions
7.1November 23, 2011Added Polish and Argentinian dialing rules
7.0November 9, 2011Added extension option and significant Powershell interface upgrades
6.5October 25, 2011Added call park option
6.41October 21, 2011Added Belgian and Swiss dialing rules; Bugfix
6.4October 15, 2011Added SIP Trunk option; Added Spanish and Hungarian dialing rules; Bugfix
6.3September 14, 2011Bugfix and added option to block premium rate phone numbers
6.2June 14, 2011Added Powershell scripting for Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and created dropdown option for selecting area codes
6.1June 8, 2011Added Powershell scripting for international countries (UK and Germany)
6.0May 19, 2011Added powerscript functions to automatically create full base functionality for Lync
5.1May 11, 2011Improved interface feedback during processing.
5.0January 19, 2011Added option for Lync 7-digit dialing normalization rules and improved processing speed.
4.2October 15, 2010Updated Lync Powershell commands to configure trunk translation rules
4.1August 19, 2010Fixed some errors introduced with CS14 additions
4.0August 10, 2010Added CS "14" to list of available gateway types. Creates Powershell commands ready for import
3.6March 29, 2010Accounted for rule length limitations in Dialogic devices and added Caller ID modifications
3.5February 17, 2010Fixed error where external access number wasn't included in Dialogic output
3.4February 08, 2010Fixed problem when rule is too long to fit. Split long rules into two separate ones
3.3January 18, 2010Improved optimization logic to reduce total rule count
3.2January 12, 2010Improved optimization logic to reduce total rule count
3.1January 11, 2010Added OCS routing rules
3.0January 05, 2010Improved optimization logic to reduce total rule count
2.0September 16, 2009Numerous improvements
1.0April 21, 2009Initial release