The Hoff

Ken Lasko is the UC Product Master for Event Zero who makes UC Commander, the best Lync/Skype for Business monitoring and analytics tool there is. He's been a Skype for Business MVP for 4 years and counting, and is hoping continued work on the Lync Optimizer is enough to keep him in the MVP circle in perpetuity.

His favorite pastimes include running down beaches in slow-motion, talking to cars, cultivating his chest hair and staring blankly at random people and/or objects.

The Lync Dialing Rule Optimizer is the result of countless hours of development (mostly late at night, so any issues can be attributed to lack of sleep), that would have probably taken an actual developer much less time. You see, Ken is NOT a software developer, despite any evidence to the contrary. He learns via Google, and codes via Notepad++, usually with much trial-and-error (emphasis on ERROR).

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